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Tax Advisors

We are fellow aviators and a leading provider of tax, advisory & accounting services for the aviation industry.

Taxpayers that use an aircraft in their business operations are allowed statutory deductions for business and compensatory use of the aircraft. IRS guidelines are complex and often difficult to navigate, but if properly applied, the tax benefits can be substantial.


Working closely with our aviation tax advisors and your other trusted advisors, we can help maximize the tax benefits related to your aviation operations and substantiate the deductions for income tax purposes.

As an aircraft owner, you deserve advisors that are knowledgeable and experienced in aviation in order to maximize your tax benefits. Our services designed to maximize income tax benefits, maintain compliance and reduce audit risk for your aircraft.


Services we offer include:

Federal Considerations:

  • Transactional tax strategies: acquisitions, distributions, or dispositions

  • Entity structuring & evaluation

  • Federal income tax planning

  • Fringe benefits/SIFL calculations

  • IRC 274 entertainment use disallowance calculations

  • Bonus depreciation and MACRS eligibility analysis

  • Federal excise tax ("FET") reporting and compliance

  • IRS Audit assistance

State & Local Considerations:

  • State and local tax strategies

  • Sales & use tax planning and filing assistance

  • Property tax

  • State apportionment

  • Aircraft registration

  • State Audit assistance

Accounting & Reporting:

  • Accounting services

  • Cash flow forecasts

  • Operating cost analysis

  • Compliance reviews

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We Offer Full Audit Representation, from Start to Finish.







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