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Full-Service payroll services because when you need answers, there's no time for call centers.

The IRS estimates that 40 percent of small to medium-size businesses in the United States end up paying a payroll penalty each year for failing to deposit withholdings, depositing the wrong amount of withholdings, or for incorrect filing. In recent years, the average payroll penalty paid was $845. ​

Payroll mistakes can happen faster than you think and are often expensive and time-consuming to fix. Using a payroll service is the first step toward minimizing financial risk and taking back control of your schedule-but not all payroll services are created equal.

At Premier Payroll Professionals, LLC, our sister company, the mission is to process your payroll accurately and timely. By partnering with Premier Payroll, you can forget about trying to keep up with the ever changing payroll tax laws, wage requirements and other regulations that make payroll harder than it may seem.

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